Weekly NFT Report:OH MY “DEGODS”!


Chart 1: OpenSea Daily Volume ($USD)
Chart 2: OpenSea Monthly Volume ($USD)
Chart 3: OpenSea Monthly NFT Sold (transaction count)

Deep Dive

  • Meta now lets users post their digital collectibles on its social media platforms. Users can connect their crypto wallets like MetaMask, Rainbow, Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet and Dapper Wallet and post NFTs that were minted on Ethereum, Polygon or Flow. Meta is now working on NFT display through stories and adding AR-compatible features.
  • The NFT marketplace implemented a new option for buyers. Buyers could discretionarily select a royalty fee that they wish to contribute to the NFT project.
  • The hip-hop pop stars partnered with YugaLabs and performed a BAYC/Otherside-themed show on the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday.
  • The top NFT marketplace added Polygon support for its “Seaport” expansion. OpenSea will begin using Seaport for all new listings and offers on Polygon. Anyone who makes a transaction on Polygon using OpenSea will be required to pay their gas fees using $MATIC.
  • The popular NFT collection updated its official website last week, allowing users to explore “The Alley” for hidden messages. The team also tweeted “open anime universe for the world”, implying an upcoming metaverse/virtual world built for NFT holders. The floor price seemed to be stabilized around 8eth.
  • The Nike-acquired NFT creator announced physical wearables for its “Clone X” holders to mint. They include shirts, shoes, socks, hats and hoodies. Holders can mint two of each item, only the shirt will be free and other prices ranges between 0.04eth to 0.38eth.
  • After climbed higher in the NFT market cap leaderboard, the Solana-based NFT’s twitter account got suspended suddenly. Not only have the official “DeGods” account got suspended, but also the team members’ personal twitter accounts. The community was shocked and asking Twitter support to get in touch. The creator’s new project, “y00ts” account also got banned. The team suspected it was due to a hack and reminded the public not to click any link until further notice. Floor price for Degods is now 600sol.


  • Temasek will be leading a $100m funding round in Animoca Brands for NFT and metaverse investment.
  • A group of former executives from Genesis and Galaxy Digital creating a $500m new crypto fund.
  • Limit Break, the company behind “DigiDaigaku” NFT collection, secured $200m funding over two rounds, led by Paradigm. The fresh fund will be used to build massive multiplayer online web3 games.
  • PROOF, the team behind “Moonbirds”, raised $50m funding in Series A led by a16z. Other investors included Seven Seven Six, True Ventures, Collab+Currency, Flamingo DAO, SV Angel and VaynerFund.
  • Mars M&M partnered with NFT music group — Kingship to create limited edition candies.



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