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Azuki Drama Continues

  • More about the drama: Zagabond.eth, founder of Azuki, tweeted a controversial article, titled ‘A Builder’s Journey’, where he clarified that he’d founded 3 projects (CryptoPhunks, CryptoZunks, Tendies) prior to Azuki, as well as self-analysis of what he learned from each of these projects. Soon after the release of his article, CT users started unveiling more information about his previous projects — some of the things they pointed out included Beanz metadata having been leaked prior to release, or that the CryptoPhunks royalty fee had suspiciously been boosted to 5% on Looksrare prior to a wash trade that netted 300 ether. or that ZAGABOND had been impersonating a woman through the use of the ‘Mandy’ account associated with CryptoZunks. Azuki floor price fell from ~16 ETH to ~7 ETH. Zagabond tried to clear his name on Twitter spaces, which attracted ~14,000 people, and addressed what it meant to rug a project, defending that the project teams delivered on everything they promised.

The Otherside reveals The Voyager’s Journey

  • What is The Voyager’s Journey: next steps Voyagers (Otherdeed holders) can expect, including the first tech demo, followed by release of procedures to link Otherside lands, and release of the remaining supply of land and the ability to change and build on your land. Overall, the plan lacks dates or specific details.

DuskBreakers raises $24m from a16z, Pantera, FTX, Merit Circle, etc.

  • What is DuskBreakers: vast Sci-Fi Web3 game franchise founded by Twitch founder Kevin Lin. The DuskBreakers universe is set to unfold across a set of NFTs, comics, and games. Since minting in Dec’21, the team has released two mini-games and is preparing to launch their P2E game in Q3. The funds from the Series A round will allow the team to expand their game, art and content teams. The press release teases a number of things in the coming weeks and months, including a webcomic, 3D PFP NFTs and more.

New Mints

Augmented Labs Scientists

  • The Scientists kick off an expanded Kiju Kingz ecosystem with new P2E mechanics
  • 0.007 ETH floor | open supply | free mint | minted 5/16


  • 3.1 ETH floor | 10,000 total supply | free mint (for Doodle holders) | minted 5/13

11 Captain’s Club

  • The highly anticipated 11 Captain’s Club — the first NFT offering from Miami nightclub E11EVEN — will grant holders priority access to real-life events at E11EVEN as well as exclusive Captain’s events
  • 1,111 supply | 3 ETH mint | mint date 5/23

Following: Big Money Raises, and Entrants

Madonna x Beeple

  • More about the collaboration: Madonna has collaborated with Beeple (whose NFT fetched record-breaking $69mio in Christie’s sale) to create a series called Mother of Creation, which includes 3 NFTs. The NFTs showed a 3D likeness of Madonna giving birth to robot centipedes, butterflies and trees. The NFTs were auctioned on SuperRar, with each piece fetching 66–170 ether

Inflow raises $1.5mio with participation from ConsenSys Ventures, Dapper Labs, and Protocol Labs

  • What is Inflow: social token launchpad for artists

Pnkfrg raises $3mio — the project is a gaming studio building mobile F2P games on the Bitcoin Lightning Network

Medallion raises $9mio — the project tries to redefine artist x fan connection

Reference Statistics

Figure 1: OpenSea Daily Transaction Volume (Blue, Bar) and 7dma (Orange, Line) in US$
Figure 2: OpenSea Monthly Transaction Volume (US$)
Chart 3: OpenSea Daily Transaction Count (Blue, Bar) and 7dma (Orange, Line)
Chart 4: Number of NFT Projects (from Zeneca) with Increased ETH Value (Orange) and Decreased ETH Value (Blue)
Chart 5: Net* Number of Projects With Increasing ETH Value
Chart 6: CryptoPunks vs. BAYC Floor Price




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