Weekly NFT Report: Ether Running Hot


Chart 1: OpenSea Daily Volume ($USD)
Chart 2: OpenSea Monthly Volume ($USD)
Chart 3: OpenSea Monthly NFTs Sold (transaction count)

Deep Dive


  • Christie’s, the well-known British Auction House, announced “Christie’s Ventures” — an investment fund for fintech companies. The fund will focus on three main areas: Web3 innovation, Art-related financial products, Solutions and Technologies that enable the seamless consumption of art.
  • Halborn, a Miami-based blockchain security company, raised $90m in Series A funding, led by Summit Partners, Castle Island Ventures, Digital Currency Group and Brevan Howard.
  • Zebedee, a Bitcoin gaming start-up, raised $35m in the Series B funding round, led by Square Enix, the maker of popular game — Final Fantasy. In the last round (during September 2021), Zebedee raised $11.5m, the firm claims the user base has grown ten-fold since then.



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