Weekly NFT Report: Dogechain Goes Live


Chart 1: OpenSea Daily Volume ($USD)
Chart 2: OpenSea Monthly Volume ($USD)
Chart 3: OpenSea Monthly NFT Sold (transaction count)

Deep Dive

  • More in details: Financial institutions can now offer both traditional and new types of financial products (cryptocurrency) using ‘Master Accounts’. Custodia and Kraken, crypto institutions, will very soon apply for their master accounts and act as a bridge that links the web2 and web3.
  • More in details: The upcoming Ethereum Merge was tentatively scheduled on 15–16 Sep, Coinbase will temporarily stop ETH’s and ERC20 tokens’ deposits and withdrawals during the transition to proof-of-stake. Coinbase stated the precautionary measure will ensure the upgrade to be completed seamlessly. Trading services will be remained unchanged.
  • More in details: Galaxy Digital has exercised its right to terminate the acquisition deal (cash and stock) for BitGo, crypto custodian firm, valued at $1.2B since BitGo failed to provide its audited financial statements by the end of July. BitGo managed to seek a $100m termination fee from Galaxy.
  • More in details: Huanhe, a China-based NFT marketplace launched in August 2021, will no longer release new NFTs to users as regulatory scrutiny mounts. Owners of existing digital collectibles will still be able to hold, display or request a refund for their holdings.
  • More in details: Dogechain is a separate blockchain network based on Polygon Edge. Although it was not built on top of Dogecoin, it was regarded as the Layer 2 solution for Dogecoin ($DOGE). Dogechain lets users bridge over their $DOGE to enter its Defi protocols, NFT ecosystems and other upcoming web3 applications. $DOGE rallied up for 25% over the last seven days.


  • Zash, an NFT analytics platform, partnered with Binance to jointly develop NFT data tracking and intelligence tools. The products are expected to help crypto institutions make wise decisions in the rapidly growing NFT market.
  • KuCoin Labs, the investment arm of KuCoin exchange, collaborated with Univers Network to launch an incubation program for web3 exploration.



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