• Outperformers: AGIX (+117.9%), BABYDOGE (+97.1%), RNDR (+41.7%), GRT (+38.3%), IMX (+32.6%), OP (+24.4%), SHIB (+16.7%), LRC (+16.4%)
  • Underperformers: APT (-17.1%), LDO (-10.6%), XMR (-10.5%), FXS (-9.9%), SOL (-9.8%)

Crypto Headlines

- HSBC recruiting web3 roles

- Ethereum launching withdrawal testnets

- Binance and Mastercard launching prepaid crypto card in Brazil

- Readies, the German Bank, offering crypto services for institutional clients

- Hamilton Lane, the Pennsylvania-based investment management firm, launched their first of three tokenized funds with Securitize

Chart 1: The 7-day average funding rates for BTC and ETH
Table 1: Major Crypto KPI (as of 03 Feb 2023)

NFT News

- OpenSea statistics and blue-chip NFTs summary

- EBay hiring web3 roles for KnownOrigin; also working with Notable Live for NFT launch

- Japanese PM likes NFTs and DAOs

- Toei Animation’s NFT — ‘DenDekaDen Genesis Omikuji’

- CANTO-based NFTs running hot as CANTO TVL doubled to $185m

Chart 2: OpenSea Monthly Volume ($USD)
Chart 3: OpenSea Monthly NFTs Sold (Transaction Count)
Chart 4: Floor Prices of Blue-Chip NFTs ($ETH)

Defi Updates

Table 2: Total Value Locked (TVL) on major blockchains

- Optimism Bedrock Upgrade in March

- BNB Greenfield — ‘a web3 dropbox’

- a16z voted against the proposal that would deploy Uniswap V3 to BNB Chain using a wormhole bridge

- TON announced a $20m liquidity incentive programme — ‘The Open Challenge’

Regulation Updates

- Hong Kong Monetary Authority set stablecoin licencing plan which will not allow algorithmic stablecoins

- Deribit, the leading crypto option exchange, seeking Dubai licence under Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority

Fundraising Updates

- Rysk Finance raised $1.4m in a pre-seed funding round

- Vest closed a seed round from Jane Street, QCP Capital and others

- Archimedes, DeFi protocol, raised $4.9m in seed funding

- Sec3, a blockchain security company that serves Solana ecosystem, raised $10m in seed funding, led by Multicoin Capital

- EigenLayer raising $50m in Series A funding round



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